The brand

Founded in England in 1924, Belstaff is a unique heritage brand with a story embedded in the world of adventure, travel and motorcycling. The brand's spirit of innovation resulted in the development of the first waxed cotton clothing to meet the demand of the nascent motorcycling industry and has since evolved in step with aviation and motorsports development.

The brand's unique heritage and its reputation for fashionable, functional and stylish outerwear has led to significant development beyond those industries, and today Belstaff enjoys a strong international awareness.

The business

With a new team at its helm -- including Harry Slatkin as CEO and Tommy Hilfiger as advisor -- Belstaff has an ambitious development plan which will be accelerated with the support of LABELUX, notably in the fields of geographical expansion and product extension.

Belstaff was acquired by LABELUX in June 2011. It currently retails through 14 owned stores and is present in more than 1,000 points of sale worldwide. We look forward to the exciting developments that lie ahead.

Since 1924, Belstaff has defined the British luxury experience for today's city adventurers and tomorrow's global explorers.

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